Technical Services

Apple strives to makes great products that just work - right out of the box. However, Apple cannot control the environment in which those devices will function. Nor can they control the various software packages installed and websites that get visited. Environmental factors and usage can impact the usability of any product.

At RSKGroup, we have extensive experience working with Apple devices in various environments, from business, retail, education and government to homes, apartment buildings, convention centers, yachts and even mini-vans.

Business Technical Services:

As more people bring personal or mobile devices into the business environment networks and security need to be optimized to provide the best service for a multitude of devices. When businesses bring Apple devices into the environment challenges accessing network resources may arise. Access to printers or shared file servers may not function in the same manner as with Windows-based systems. Security requirements may seem to be onerous with the Apple device. Or, systems necessary for managing the configuration of the devices may be foreign to your in-house or managed service provider. At RSKGroup, we have deployed and managed Apple devices for organizations all over the world and with various states of IT readiness. We can help your organization meet the needs of your colleagues without compromising the security or IT management requirements of your organization. Give us a call today and learn how we might help you achieve greater success with your Apple devices.

Education Technical Services:

At RSKGroup, our love of Apple devices started in Education. As students, teachers, and Professors, we learned that Apple devices allow us to be productive and creative while not having to also be a computer geek to make sure the device stayed stable. As we moved into the IT field we learned that Apple devices can be elegantly managed and that zero-touch deployment could be achieved with off-the-shelf tools. After having deployed and managed Apple devices for educational facilities throughout the UK, Ireland and the US for Apple and other large organizations we have the experience to help your organization get the most from their Apple devices while empowering your staff and students to achieve great things with the technology. From networking, file sharing, remote management, training, acquisition and deployment we can help your organization be successful.

Home Technical Services:

When many Apple devices are used in the home, wireless networks are essential. Configuring printers for access by the entire family, ensuring network- based backup solutions function correctly, and assisting with parental monitoring and control become important. AppleID management and app installation services are also often needed.  Elegant solutions for managing Apple devices, networks, backups and even Apps at home are conveniently achievable. We have even created solutions that allow for a home media server to be plugged into the back of a vehicle while on a family vacation. Imagine a 300 mile trip with 3 children under 10 and the only time you hear from them is when they are hungry or have to potty – no, this is not a dream, this is real and we can make it happen for you. At RSKGroup, we are Apple users, our homes are amazing test-beds for the use of various technologies. Give us a call and see how we can help you get the most from your Apple technology – you will be surprised.