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Apr 2022

Xsan Software Updates on macOS Monterey

I have been seeing some weird behavior with software updates on our macOS Monterey test Xsan.  After running the software update, the Xsan volume does not mount.  Trying to see the volume with xsanctl list results in xsanctl: unable to connect to xsand: No such file or directory.  Having seeing this before I try to bootstrap the xsand launch daemon, which also fails.  The error now is service is disabled.  To resolve...

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Jan 2022

Deleting a lot of data

When supporting Xsans with a lot of data, we occasionally need to remove a lot of data.  As the year rolled over, we have created new folders for the 2022 projects and it is time to remove some old data from the production volumes.  After confirming the tape archive and nearline volumes have the data, we are clearing up some previous year projects to free...

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Dec 2021

Permissions management on Xsan

I’m sure there are many ways to manage permissions on an Xsan, but we primarily see 2.   The first is that anyone that can connect to the san can see everything on the san.  Access is handled by keeping the san connected computers physically secure and not allowing network access to the san volume(s).  Then permissions on the volume can be set so that...

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Nov 2021

If your Xsan volume isn’t mounting automatically

We have seen some systems where our Xsan volume(s) do not mount consistently on restart.  We have seen this occasionally on both macOS Catalina and Big Sur.  After confirming that the fibre channel HBA driver is loaded, and seeing that manually running xsanctl mount <volumeName> works as expected, we can turn to launchd to make sure the volume mounts.


Nov 2021

Load fibre drivers at startup

We have seen several Big Sur Macs at different locations not mount their Xsan volume after a restart or power on.   After some investigation, we have found that the fibre HBA driver is not loaded. This has happened with ATTO ThunderLink FC adapters, ATTO Celerity PCI cards, and Promise SANLink FC adapters, so it doesn’t appear to just be one bad driver. The first...

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Nov 2021

Create a new Xsan on macOS Monterey

In macOS Monterey the Server.app interface for setting up and managing Xsan is gone.  Apple has produced an Xsan Management Guide (as of 2021-11-2 available on the Apple developer site).  In this post I will walk through creating a new Xsan from scratch on macOS Monterey. Our test environment is made up of 2 Intel Mac Minis with ATTO Thunderlink fibre adapters connected to a...

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Nov 2021

Xsan Big Sur to Monterey upgrade

With macOS Monterey, Apple has announced that the Server.app interface for Xsan is going away. One small benefit to this is that we don’t need to wait for the official release of Server.app v5.12 to upgrade our Xsan to Monterey. Both Big Sur and Monterey have the same Xsan versions (Server Revision 7.0.1 Build 589[96634]). This post will show the steps I used to upgrade...

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