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Jan 2024

Latest Apple updates fixes Xsan mounting issue

The latest updates from Apple, January 22, 2024, (we’ve tested 14.3 and 13.6.4) have fixed the Xsan mounting regression from the .2 versions. [Edit: 12.7.3 has been confirmed to work by matx on Slack.  Thanks Mat!] The simplest confirmation is that your volumes should mount properly with xsanctl either automatically or manually.  We can confirm by checking the latest /Library/Logs/Xsan/debug/mount-debug.nnn file (where nnn is some number)....

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Dec 2023

Xsan automount failures in macOS 14.2, 13.6.2/3, and 12.7.2

Several Xsan administrators have been reporting problems on clients that have been upgraded to any of the latest point releases from Apple.  The clients fail to mount their Xsan volumes and even manually mounting with xsanctl mount VolumeName fails.  There has been much discussion and a work around found on MacAdmin Slack in the #Xsan channel, so join us over there. The problem can be...

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Sep 2023

Xsan Ventura & Sonoma upgrade failures and a workaround using profile “Magic”

We have recently been upgrading our clients’ Xsans from macOS Monterey to macOS Ventura.  We had been holding off since, in our testing over the last year, we have never had a successful in-place upgrade.  When trying an in-place upgrade on an MDC, the install progresses until the first restart.  At that point, the Mac boots to recovery with an error message: “Your computer started...

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