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Aug 2023

Moving a user’s home or CloudStorage wants a lot of space

Why would we do this We have several customers that use various cloud sync/storage options as another location for archived data.  Once the projects are complete and we mark them read-only on the Xsan, they can be written to tape and sent to “the cloud” for further redundancy.  This means we are almost constantly sending data up to these providers.   In macOS Monterey (and...

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Dec 2021

No login window icon if your UID is too large

We ran into an interesting problem on some of our Xsan connected systems.  We created mobile accounts, but some of them wouldn’t show up at the Mac’s Login Window. These Macs are bound to an LDAP server and the user’s UniqueID (UID) comes from the LDAP server.  The UIDs are assigned based on user type, so while employees are small numbers, contractors have ended up...

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Nov 2021

If your Xsan volume isn’t mounting automatically

We have seen some systems where our Xsan volume(s) do not mount consistently on restart.  We have seen this occasionally on both macOS Catalina and Big Sur.  After confirming that the fibre channel HBA driver is loaded, and seeing that manually running xsanctl mount <volumeName> works as expected, we can turn to launchd to make sure the volume mounts.