Professional Services

Our Professional Services are designed to meet the needs of most organizations deploying or supporting Apple devices. Throughout the years we have assisted organizations in fields ranging from Education, Healthcare, Marketing, Manufacturing, Government, Pharmaceuticals, and Video Production.


Need a more customized solution than our packaged services? Give us a call to discuss your specific project.

Assessments – iOS:

Changes to leadership, Mission, or Vision make it essential to assess whether your current technology capabilities continue to align with your organization’s goals. While most assessments from IT consulting firms focus on the technology deployed and its configuration, this assessment focuses on the people and the functionality of the tools available to enable your organization to succeed. We understand that you can have the best gadget with the best infrastructure, but progress is impaired if the tools at hand do not enable your people to meet the goals and objectives of your organization.

RSKGroup will provide you with a technology advocate experienced in a wide range of technologies and staff development to review your current environment against your Mission and Vision. Many times the right tools are provided to meet the organizational goals. Meanwhile, the deployment, support, or training is missing the mark. We will work with your teams to understand your environment and determine whether there are challenges with the technology in your organization.

Assessments – Apple:

Thanks to our long-standing relationship with Apple, years of experience with third-party tools, and extensive certifications, we can supply a full end-to-end solution customized to your business requirements. Based on a detailed analysis of your current environment, we can recommend all the steps necessary to support Apple devices like a pro. At the completion of the assessment, you will know the options for deployment, inventory, and management along with patching and packaging. With our detailed report, you will have a roadmap to success with Apple devices in your business.

Media & Entertainment Infrastructure:

While deploying media production environments for Apple and production facilities of various sizes in numerous market verticals, we have developed the kind of expertise that only comes from late hours on very cool projects. From designing and deploying production environments that travel in vans, to production systems for the largest broadcast companies in the UK and from 5 seat production houses to departments with over 200 computers connected to many petabytes of storage via fiber optic cabling we have seen just about everything. Whether you are a small post house looking to lease edit bays or a large organization looking to enhance your own marketing capabilities and corporate video creation abilities, we can make sure you have the right solution for your workflow and your environment. Give us a call and learn how we can help you with your infrastructure needs – maybe you have a project that is new – that would be cool!