Searching from a single search box makes it simple haystak can quickly connect to all of your data repositories allowing integrated search across your entire organization. haystak can index structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data – giving you meaningful insight into your data without regard to its origin or how it’s stored. All done in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional structured data search models.

Many organizations have a massive amount of digital assets in all sorts of various formats. On top of that, the assets need to be made manageable, searchable, and trackable so that the employees can efficiently do their work.

Primary Features

  1. Search all of your data from a single search box
  2. Search the data inside your documents and databases*, not just for filenames
  3. No need to copy or move your data, haystak searches it right where it is


How we help you find your needles
– haystak indexes all of your documents, databases*, photos and other data right where it is without needing to copy it, move it, or format it in any way
– haystak can then search all of your data via a single, simple, search box
– haystak searches terabytes of data in milliseconds
– haystak can refine your search results based on new terms and allows you to save and even automate searches* to alert you when new data arrives
– haystak is taxonomy free. All file contents and metadata are indexed, so users and organizations do not need to pre-define their existing dictionaries
– haystak is data agnostic, allowing connections to data repositories that range from network file shares, connected drives, internet sites, and databases*