Deployment Services

Many IT leaders have participated in our secure mobility briefings at the Apple EBC in Cupertino. Having the experience leveraging certificate services, directory services, network services and the capabilities of the device itself to provide a secure yet flexible user experience has been the hallmark of our consulting engagements.

Let us take this experience and help you alleviate the any challenges associated with deploying Apple devices into your organization.

iOS Management and Deployment:

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is complicated in both it’s approach and its execution. Understanding the dichotomies of personal data integrity and corporate security is critical in managing and creating trust. Leveraging the core technologies of EMM are crucial in meeting the highest levels of data security without sacrificing user experience.

  • Mobile Device Management: Lifecycle management with configuration management, provisioning, remote wipe, and remote troubleshooting installed on the device to facilitate actions.
  • Mobile Application Management: Provisioning and de-provisioning applications and applying policy control functionality.
  • Mobile Identity: Ensuring only trusted devices and users access enterprise resources, leveraging contextual information for access determination, and providing authentication/authorization solutions such as Single Sign-On, Kerberos, and certificate authentication.
  • Mobile Content Management: Enabling authorized users to access content from their mobile devices. Whether through public or enterprise applications, this allows access to view and store content securely on the device or provide content from internal repositories, MCM allows file-level protection for Data Loss Prevention.

Deploying and supporting users with mobile devices requires not only a management solution but also increased network capacity, wireless enhancements, access to network-based resources as well as mobile-ready file sharing and access controls. A well planned approach to deployment and management will greatly enhance the experience shared by your colleagues.  Having deployed iPads for large restaurant chains, medical financing and marketing organizations as well as real estate firms and educational facilities, we have the experience to help you eliminate the risk associated with supporting mobility. We also have the knowledge to help you get the devices into the hands of your colleagues. Give us a call and see how we can help you streamline your mobile deployments and facilitate the management of your devices.

OS X Management & Deployment:

Depending on your environment, workflow and use cases, deploying Macs can be as simple as turning on the device. However, when you are looking to deploy a large number of Macs in a short time or deploy them into more complicated environments, it is helpful to work with a team that has the experience and knowledge to make those deployments less cumbersome. Although the deployment and management concepts associated with OS X systems are similar to those of Windows systems, the tools and methods can be a bit different. When considering deploying OS X in your environment you should consider the following:

  • Integration: Configure your Macs to use network and file sharing resources.
  • Deployment: When deploying Macs, consider the infrastructure into which the devices will be deployed. The Mac should reach your colleague configured, managed and ready to go. Regardless of the number of devices, you should strive for the same user experience.
  • Inventory: After the devices have been deployed, you need to track their current status and possibly their physical location.
  • Management: The management of your Macs can be as heavy or light as the organizations require. Many organizations are moving away from the traditional, “locked-down” style of management to one more focused on securing the authorization, authentication and data. The device itself, therefore, is secondary and the methodology would apply to all devices regardless of form factor or operating system.

At RSKGroup we have deployed Macs across a wide variety of environments, organizations and use cases. From 1-to-1 Laptop deployments for thousands of students to in-house marketing and advertising teams as well as small offices and home users. Give us a call and see how we can leverage our experience to help you or your colleagues achieve the greatest success with Macintosh computers.