Download CloudCleanup on the Mac App Store

Ever have trouble uploading to a cloud service and couldn’t figure out why?

CloudCleanup can help!

Most cloud services don’t support special features of Mac OS.  Special characters in filenames, special file types and metadata, and Mac specific folder structures and bundles.

CloudCleanup can show you what problems you have based on the cloud service you use. You can have CloudCleanup show you what needs to be addressed so you can fix the problems… yourself or, CloudCleanup can automatically fix them for you making quick work of preparing to upload to “the cloud.”

CloudCleanup quickly searches thousands of files and finds problem characters such as punctuation marks, invalid characters, and even emojis in filenames.  These items are supported by Mac OS but are not supported by most cloud services.  When you try to upload with these filename items the upload can fail with a generic error message that doesn’t explain what’s happening or what files have problems.

Mac OS also has special folder structures called app bundles.  These are collections of folders that look like single files and are an integral part of how Mac OS is organized.  The metadata associated with these files isn’t supported by all cloud services and can be lost when uploading to the cloud.  When you try to recover these files they don’t work the way they are supposed to.  CloudCleanup can automatically zip these special bundles so that they’ll work properly when you recover them from the cloud.

Folders that contain thousands of files (such as image sequences or camera original folders) can take a lot of time to upload.  CloudCleanup can zip these folders of files to help speed up the process of uploading to the cloud.

Cloud service is usually paid for by the amount of space you use.  There are hundreds of types of temporary files that are created on your disk drive such as render files, cache files,  waveform thumbnails, and other things that you don’t need to backup to the cloud.  CloudCleanup can automatically find and delete these types of files to make your backup smaller and upload faster.

Not all cloud services support large files either – CloudCleanup can quickly find and split your large files to ensure they upload to the cloud successfully.

CloudCleanup helps make sure that your backup to the cloud is successful and quick.  And when you need to recover your files from the cloud those files are there and work when you get them back on your Mac.