Nov 2022

Converting local accounts to mobile accounts

When working with an Xsan volume with Access Control Lists (ACLs) enabled, it is critical that users log into their Macs with the accounts that are in the relevant groups.  We recently helped a customer migrate  several computers from local accounts to mobile accounts while retaining the user’s home folder. We are starting with a Mac with a local administrator account and another local account...

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May 2022

Another ARD offline issue

We have a lot of headless Mac Minis in server racks running Xsans and related services.  So we use Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) quite a bit to connect and work on them.  For most of their history, a Mac Mini without a monitor was limited to low desktop resolutions (like 1280×1024 or even 1024×768), could lose any graphics acceleration from the Quartz Core Graphics framework,...

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Dec 2021

Apple Remote Desktop constant resizing

We use Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) for many things from working on headless servers to remote users working on Xsan connected systems while working from home.  Occasionally, we run into a problem when connecting to a remove system via ARD where the window wildly resizes itself and eventually errors out. In some cases the cause seems to be a user changing the resolution of the...

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Dec 2021

No login window icon if your UID is too large

We ran into an interesting problem on some of our Xsan connected systems.  We created mobile accounts, but some of them wouldn’t show up at the Mac’s Login Window. These Macs are bound to an LDAP server and the user’s UniqueID (UID) comes from the LDAP server.  The UIDs are assigned based on user type, so while employees are small numbers, contractors have ended up...

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