Robert Kite, Ph.D.

President and COO

Bob Kite has been involved with technology solutions, training and team development for just over 20 years. In that time he has been a university instructor, technology coordinator for a school system, event engineer for Apple, ran professional services for Apple in the UK, was a consulting engineer at Apple responsible for technical training, created and developed an Apple & mobility practice at PCM, was a solution architect for Apple responsible for the video production infrastructure in the MARCOM group and was a VP at PCM for Strategic Sales & Consulting as well as the National Practices team.

With a BA in Business, a Masters in Performance Assessment and a Ph.D. in Education, Bob also has deep experience in the education field and has developed vast amounts of courseware and customized training solutions. Bob also wrote the Xsan 2 Administration Guide and was the primary author on the Mac OS X Security and Mobility v10.6 Reference Guide (Widely accepted as the precursor to many of the EMM solutions currently available) for Apple.

Bob takes a consultative approach to every engagement – believing that the most value from every engagement is gained when the customer asks questions that internalize the knowledge being gained. The majority of Bob’s experience lies in deploying Apple technologies into Window’s centric environments. As such, he has a wealth of knowledge around networking, storage, file systems, directory services and deployment strategies.

Customers should leverage Bob to get a better understanding of their environment and what is possible with the technologies they already have in place.

Bob’s specialties include:

  • Technology Advocacy
  • Endpoint Deployment & Management
  • All things Apple
  • Media & Entertainment Infrastructures
  • Staff Development
  • Technology Assessments

Eric Hemmeter

Vice President of Endpoint and Infrastructure

Eric has been working in Apple centric IT for over 20 years with a focus on knowledge transfer and education.  As an Apple Certified Trainer, Eric was involved in new course design and testing.  He also developed curriculum for Apple Sales Web and 3rd party classes.  With a B.S. in Physics and an M.S. in Computer Engineering, Eric is always driven to share knowledge and support learning in others.

After over 10 years with Apple focused service providers (carrying our assessments, writing SOWs, and doing the work), Eric moved to in-house IT for a Fortune 200 company.  With experience on both sides of the table, he understands the needs of both and appreciates the long term needs of businesses.  Over the time, Eric has extensive experience with Xsan, Jamf, and Apple devices integrating with Microsoft Windows.  He has also seen just about everything including many other MDMs, IAMs, various network stacks, security products, etc.

More recently Eric has expanded his interests to include user process automation through programming and scripting.  He is proficient with Bash, Python, AppleScript, Automator, and getting comfortable with Swift.

Eric can assess your current environment, help determine where you need to be, develop the plan to get there, and make sure you and your team understand all the pieces in play.

Eric’s specialities include:

  • Training
  • Endpoint Deployment & Management
  • IT process Automation
  • Technology Assessments
  • All things Apple

Greg Hacke

Vice President of Product Development

Greg has over 20 years experience in the IT sector serving in technology guidance, development, deployment, and strategy. He is an expert in technology solutions for end point technologies from Apple to Microsoft and beyond.

Focused on an uplift of technology, Greg works closely with owning organizations to ensure that the skill and vision for the full technology breadth of solutions to meet short and long term goals.

With over 17 years in the U.S. Army and a decade of federal, state, and local government and private sector interaction, Greg has in depth knowledge of the practices and solutions necessary to meet a broad scope of institute standards and practices.

Greg can provide strategic and technical consulting and deploy technology solutions across a broad spectrum of technology.

Greg’s specialties include:

  • Technology Acquisition
  • Endpoint Deployment & Management
  • All Things Apple
  • Plus Microsoft
  • Networking and Wireless
  • Technology Assessments


Principal Consultant

Reese has over 20 years of experience covering both system administration and technical sales engineering. He spent many years as a Mac and Unix administrator for high-end prepress production companies, managing system configuration, integration, and tool development.

During his recent tenure as system engineer at Apple, Reese supported the reseller channel and their customers. He prioritized taking a collaborative approach with engineers, sales teams, and executives, helping to enhance their understanding of advances in mobile technology.

Reese has an uncommon blend of technical expertise, business acumen, and people skills. He has a solid background in all facets of the sales process — as an IT manager qualifying and buying technology; as a reseller developing and delivering IT solutions; and as a sales engineer representing a manufacturer with a vast roster of business customers.

Reese can advise on business strategy and technical implementation. 

Reese’s specialities include:

  • Technology Acquisition
  • Productivity/Process Improvement
  • Technology Assessments
  • All Things Apple
  • Print & Graphic Systems

Greg Stinsa

Managing Consultant

Greg has over 30 years experience in the IT sector serving in both sales and executive sales management. He is an expert in all aspects of sales from hiring reps, mentoring them to become elite level performers, to opening multi million dollar F-500 accounts through a myriad of IT solution based service offerings.

Greg served as SVP of one of the all time fastest growing IT VARs as well as worked at a Top 5 channel reseller as their VP of National Sales. He was responsible for growing sales revenues by over $1Billion in past executive assignments as well as opened 7 sales branches across the country and hired/mentored 75+ sales people who attained President’s Club level status within their organizations.

With Greg’s extensive experience selling IT solutions we are able to provide unrivaled service in helping customers get the most value from their technology budgets. While we primarily leverage Greg in Technology and Business Requirements consulting opportunities, Greg is also passionate about helping organizations develop best in class sales teams.

Greg’s specialties include:

  • Technology Acquisition
  • Sales Recruitment
  • Growing Market Share/Acquisition
  • Building Elite Sales Organizations
  • Managing Enterprise Account Relationships
  • Sales Leadership